Case Study: Udemy July Results

Case Study: Udemy July Results

Aug 25, 2015 | Cameron | | 2 Comments

3 months into my journey with Udemy and I'm having my most profitable month yet! Definitely don't mind seeing an increase from the previous months... lets me know I'm on the right track. First lets talk about my new


This month I set my course to $249, just to see how it would fare. I didn't see any noticeable increase in sales overall, however I did have a couple of full price purchases that really helped out my numbers; $124 profit! One of these sales was actually instantly refunded, which is why my refunds are so much higher than previous months. So really, if it wasn't for that one purchase at full price, I would've actually had my worst month yet. 
I'm not sure I'm sold on the idea of high course prices just yet.

Udemy Changes

This month udemy publish an update to their developer dashboard, which shows some more interesting numbers about your students. Pretty awesome to see I have students in over 95 countries! Just a few months ago I would've never imagined I'd be saying that. 

One really useful change is the filters they've added to the enrolled student list. You can now sort your students by how much of your course they've completed, which makes it a lot easier to reach out and send thank you messages (or politely ask for a review!).


Overall, I didn't do a whole lot this month. I've been busy with other projects so my Udemy course hasn't got much love as far as additions go. Next month I'll be dropping my course back down to $99 to test the difference if any. For now, it seems like my course is capping out at around $400/mo. If I want to reach my $3000/mo goal I'll definitely have to work on some new courses!

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