Case Study: Udemy June Results

Case Study: Udemy June Results

Jul 09, 2015 | Cameron | case study, Udemy, teaching, work from home | 3 Comments

The quest continues to generate $3,000/mo from Udemy, with slightly lower sales this month but valuable information learned. If you haven't read it yet, be sure to checkout the results from my first month on Udemy.


As mentioned in the previous blog, this month I would be raising the price of my course from $99 to $199 to see how much of an effect this has on sales. This month, I saw 0 full-priced sales vs. last months 3. It's clear that not many people pay full price for Udemy courses, but in my experience at least, the cut-off point seems to be around $100. This shouldn't be too much of a worry, though, because the majority of sales come from Udemys coupon promotions. That being said, I didn't really see a noticeable difference in Udemy organic sales this month with the higher price.

Creating more value, I added a couple new video lectures to my course that highlight some additional information I feel students will find useful. One of which I created using a PowerPoint template. For doing quick, informative videos, this actually worked a lot better than I thought it would. It only took about 10 minutes to throw together a really nice looking presentation. From there I just made it full screen, started the screen capture, and started the presentation. This video is free to the public if you want to check it out on my course page, the title is "Optional Expenses".

Self promotion

One key thing I noticed when looking at the results of successful Udemy instructors, is that they almost always have a huge chunk of their sales coming from self promotion; be it an e-mail list, youtube, social media, or other. Unfortunately, I don't have an e-mail list with thousands of subscribers, nor do I have a youtube or big social media accounts. What I do have however, is an unrelated website I created years ago that became fairly popular and gets about 40,000 unique visitors a month. So I thought, what would happen if I sent a promotion to my users? Turns out the answer is great things.

On this website, users can create a free account to be able to post comments and on the forums. I also sell a paid membership for $6.99 that gets them access to additional features on the site. I have about 650 paid members to date, so I created a newsletter from their list of e-mails and sent out a coupon code to them as a bonus for becoming a member. I also went ahead and added a coupon link to the welcome e-mail that gets sent to all new users, paid or not. This coupon I created discounts my course down to $10.

I wasn't really expecting to get anything from it, but lets take a look at this months...


Total income earned June 2015: $314.65

If you take a look at the chart, a whopping $49.53 came from a little less than 2 weeks of self promotion. The only reason these numbers are smaller than last months are due to the 3 full price purchases I had in May that brought me $49.50 each. One other thing I noticed is how well self promotion does for the course popularity.. I've been stuck on the 4th page of "most popular" for my category, but after these self promotion sales, I'm now on the 3rd page. It definitely goes a long way to promote your own coupons in any way that you can. For the month of July, I'll continue experimenting with pricing, and hopefully get my 2nd course published! Check back next month for July results.

Total earned with Udemy so far: $746.06


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